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“If you’re looking to build a new home in a gated community, Kenner is where it’s at.” – Jessica Jambon

The safety. Exquisite landscaping. New construction in a well-maintained neighborhood. Gated communities offer all of this and more, which is why they are such a hot commodity in the real estate world right now. And if you’re looking for up-and-coming subdivisions in the Greater New Orleans Area, Kenner has two of the most prized gated communities: the Gabriel Subdivision and Louisiana Trace. Both have upscale homes and their own carefully curated landscaping with great communities for families and homeowners. Both also have enviable amenities galore.

So let’s take a look at the history, amenities, and housing information for both these communities. If you want to skip straight to the Louisiana Trace subdivision, click here. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about Gabriel.


The Gabriel Subdivision: Kenner’s Paradise Living Community 

In the year 2000, the Gabriel Development opened sales of 217 lots, all of which have been sold, as of 2020. The subdivision has only become more and more renowned since that opening, with the construction of gorgeous custom-built single-family homes and garden homes. 

There’s a reason why Gabriel is advertised as a paradise: the developers have taken careful pains to make it feel like you’re on a constant tropical vacation.

Why everyone wants to live at the Gabriel Subdivision

A vacation at home, the Gabriel subdivision is decorated with palm trees, lavish bridges and streams so that stepping into the subdivision makes it feel like you’re on a Caribbean cruise. The landscapers have designed this area to look clean, free-flowing, and easy on the eyes.

There are a wide variety of lots and homes in Gabriel including single family homes, garden homes, homes with exquisite pools, and lots of variety in beautiful construction. And since the oldest homes in the subdivision are less than twenty years old, the neighborhood is incredibly well-maintained and up to date.

One of the features that people love about Gabriel is that it is protected by a guard twenty-four hours a day. There is only one way in and one way out of the subdivision, so access is exclusive.

The amenities of the surrounding area of Kenner are bounteous. There is walkable access to the levee, which has a paved walking trail on top. If you’re looking for a place to play tennis or golf, Chateau Golf and Country Club is just down the road. Coconut Beach Volleyball complex is also less than a mile away, so there’s ample opportunity to play sports in the area. In addition, many of the homes feature gorgeous and unique swimming pools.

While much of the Greater New Orleans area flooded during Katrina, Gabriel experienced no flooding and is in an X flood zone, which means it is at a very low risk of experience flooding.

And your commute time is perfect if you want to work in the city without living there. It’s just about a ten-minute drive to the interstate, and you can reach most of downtown New Orleans in twenty to thirty minutes.

It’s no surprise, then, that these homes are in high demand. There are even whispers that New Orleans sports stars have bought homes in Gabriel!


The bottom line: home prices in Gabriel

With all these amazing amenities and exquisite houses, you may be asking yourself what it costs to live in this coveted community. Here’s a look at the numbers:

Over the past year, five homes have sold in Gabriel. They ranged in price from $700,000 to $3 million dollars in price. 

Two Team Tangie agents have sold properties in this area. Tangie Stephens listed and sold the home at 12 Palmetto Dr. This stunning home was new construction when Tangie listed it, and included six bedrooms, five bathrooms, designer fixtures, an exquisite kitchen with high end appliances, custom cabinetry, and a marble island. The home was listed at $1,025,000.

Jessica Jambon has also sold a property in Gabriel as a buyer’s agent. She had a buyer purchase lot 29 also on Palmetto Dr. At the time, Lot 29 in Gabriel was one of the only single-family Courtyard Home lots remaining and was listed for $78,600. 


The History of The Gabriel Subdivision and Jefferson Downs Horseracing Track

If you’ve lived in Kenner or New Orleans for a long time, the name Jefferson Downs probably rings a bell. Jefferson Downs was a horse racing track that operated from 1954 until 1992 when it closed due to low ticket sales for the races. Some claim that the competition by nearby casinos built on Lake Pontchartrain proved to be too much for the horse racing track to stay in business.

A quick Google search shows amazing advertisements for the old racetrack, including one with a black and white drawing of two horses racing neck-in-neck and the slogan “The Fun Begins with a Roar of the Crowd.”

An article published in 1992 that is now archived at United Press International claimed that the 90 acres of property, at that time, had grandstand seating for 7,500 people, 1,150 horse stalls, and a three-quarter mile oval track.

The article also claims that at the time Jefferson Downs was sold, Councilman Bucky Lanning and then-Mayor of Kenner Aaron Broussard hoped that it would be turned into a theme park or other entertainment property: “I’d like it to stay in some sort of recreational use, like for golf, baseball or a theme park,” said Broussard.

However, even at the time many suspected that the huge piece of land backing up to the levee might be rezoned for residential use, which is what ended up happening, and eventually turned into the property we now know today as “The Crown Jewel of New Orleans Real Estate”: the Gabriel Subdivision.


The Louisiana Trace: Premier Acadia-Style Living in North Kenner

The Louisiana Trace subdivision in North Kenner has a very different feel than Gabriel, but still features gorgeous homes and top-notch real estate development. Developed by Joe Calderrera, who also built Zephyrs Stadium and the Baton Rouge Airport, this community mimics the style of downtown New Orleans while also providing residents with tons of convenience and affability.


Why everyone wants to live in Louisiana Trace

The advertisements for Louisiana Trace boast that the subdivision is “Not just an address … a Lifestyle.” Something that the people of Louisiana are proud of is their tradition of unique architecture and residential style, and the Louisiana Trace carries on that tradition.

Located on the corner of Loyola and Vintage, Louisiana Trace has homes with design that includes copper gutters, gas lanterns, and wrought iron fencing. There is a private walking path through the property with access to each house that weaves between carpets of green all laid out meticulously in seventy acres of easy living.

In addition, the location of the Louisiana Trace can’t be beat. You’ll live a stone’s throw from Laketown, where there’s a brand new pavilion, a boat launch, and tons of activities for the kids. North Kenner Park is also nearby, and the developers have promised that they are building a private entrance from Louisiana Trace right to the park.

What Louisiana Trace does have in common with Gabriel is that none of the lots flooded during Katrina. This is great news for people wanting to rest assured that they won’t experience the fear of flooding during a hurricane or major storm.


The bottom line: home prices in Louisiana Trace

There are still lots available in Louisiana Trace, and a few homes have been sold recently in this gated community. Last year the average home price was $550,000 to $625,000.

If you’re looking to build new construction, the Louisiana Trace website has pricing for several different sized lots available. These lots are separated into four different sizes: Boulevard Lots, Park Estate Lots, Park Home Lots, and Garden Home Lots. As of the time writing this article, only one lot seems to remain – a Park Home Lot listed at $160,853.

If you’re looking to build in this subdivision, contact a Team Tangie agent today!


The wrap up: Kenner on the Rise

All this great building points to Kenner being a great place to live if you’re looking to work in the Great New Orleans Area and experience beautiful and safe gated communities.

And with renovations coming to Laketown and Rivertown, Kenner looks to keep being on the up and up.

As always, a Team Tangie agent is waiting to find the right Kenner home for you. Call 504-338-7653 today for listing or buying help.


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